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Here we have the latest and greatest of the F-Bomb Suitcase series. 
Introducing "Ok Boomer"  

Full Bluetooth, Full Portable, Battery Operated (Includes Charger)
It has a whopping

2.1 100W + 2x50W Amplifier

10" Subwoofer,

2 x 6" HiFi woofers/Mids,

2 x 5" Woofers/Mids,

2 x Tweeters

2 x 3 Way X overs

Instructions on how to charge and take care of it.
Heavy Duty Battery (Tested it to 14 hours and it still had juice)
Analogue Dials to adjust the Low, Mids, Highs and Volume.

Stand out at your next Gathering or Workplace with the "Ok Boomer" HiFi Suitcase Speaker System... Need it Hardwired for constant power?? Ask us and we can deliver.

Not gonna lie, but my neighbours have really enjoyed this piece being tested.